Toys that improve gross motor skills

The toddler years are the most important years when it comes to physical development. Huge milestones are constantly happening during this time. Children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or other developmental disorders may have a slower development of basic skills. Gross motor skills are movements related to larger muscles in the body such as legs, arms, etc. Walking, running, jumping, kicking, and throwing are all examples of huge milestones that happen during this time and showcase gross motor skills and development. 

It is important to add a few toys to your collection that encourage physical development and boost the gross motor skills they need as they grow and develop. 

Timeline of Gross Motor Skills in the Toddler Years

12 Months: 

  • Pulls to stand 
  • Holding onto furniture while trying to walk
  • May stand alone
  • Balances
  • Crawls up a few steps

18 Months: 

  • Walks alone
  • May walk up steps
  • Helps undress themself

2 Years: 

  • Kicks a ball
  • Stands on tiptoes
  • Runs
  • Starts to climb on furniture
  • May throw balls or stuffed animals

3 Years: 

  • Climbs well
  • Runs fast
  • Walks up and down stairs one foot at a time
  • Might start pedaling three-wheel bike

Types of Toys that Boost Gross Motor Skills

Gross motor toys are typically used to help with running, jumping, and other important motor skills your little one may develop during the toddler years. The toddler years are the most important years when it comes to physical development. 

  • Indoor trampoline
  • Tricycle/scooter
  • Crawling tunnels
  • A bouncing toy or yoga ball
  • Climbing toys (large pad sets or miniature jungle gyms)